Rosemary Honey 227g


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Rosemary Honey from Spain

  • Colour: One of the most striking aspects of rosemary honey is its colour, quite removed from the image that many consumers have in its head of the sweetener of bees. This natural honey has a very clear tonality, which even becomes white when crystallized
  • Smell: As for the flavor, it is a sweet and pleasant honey, but in its proper measure. For this reason it is a very suitable product when it comes to making recipes with honey and pairings.
  • Flavour: Despite the intense aroma that the plant gives off, rosemary honey has a much milder smell, sometimes almost imperceptible

Please note that we do not blend our honey and each batch is unique. The colour and flavour may therefore vary from batch to batch and any photographs are for illustration purposes only ( We are currently updating our photos for the Rosemary honey however it will be with a similar green label )

. If there is a jar that you have particularly enjoyed please make a note of the Lot Number and we may be able to supply the same one again


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