Sweet Chestnut Honey




Sweet Chestnut honey foraged from the forests of Spain.

The distinctive honey produced from the nectar of the sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) is one of the darkest around and almost opaque when the jar is held up against the light, but lets through a chocolatey  glow that gives some indication of what is to come. Opening the lid the pungent aroma of malt and tannins gives way to a rich flavour sweet caramel and bitter raw cocoa with resinous overtones of pine sap.

Please note that we do not blend our honey and each batch is unique. The colour and flavour may therefore vary from batch to batch and any photographs are for illustration purposes only. If there is a jar that you have particularly enjoyed please make a note of the Lot Number and we may be able to supply the same one again

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Weight 0.6 kg
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Floral Source

Sweet Chestnut

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Size of Jar

150g Jar, 227g (1/2lb) Jar