Oak Honey




This raw oak honey was harvested in Spain, 2018. Oak honey is a delicious and distinctive honey that is much sought after by honey connoisseurs, very rich and malty with the flavour and sweetness of molasses or black treacle but beautifully balanced with the slightly bitter backnote of oak tannins. Oak honey is not produced from nectar like other honeys but comes instead from the honeydew that is produced by sap-sucking insects that feed on the leaves of the oak tree. This sweet, sticky substance is collected by the honey bees who turn it into this rare and delicious honey.

Please note that we do not blend our honey and each batch is unique. The colour and flavour may therefore vary from batch to batch and any photographs are for illustration purposes only. If there is a jar that you have particularly enjoyed please make a note of the Lot Number and we may be able to supply the same one again

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150g Jar, 227g (1/2lb) Jar