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Discover the seasonal flavours of our local landscape with this delicious three-jar taster and gift set.

This set contains 150g jars of our three most popular local honeys – Runny, Borage & Ivy – each of which demonstrates the unique flavour of its floral source and season of harvest.

Complete with honey drizzler and tasting notes, this set makes an ideal gift or personal treat for the honey connoisseur.

Runny Honey – This polyfloral honey is our first harvest of the year, foraged by our bees from a mixture of different spring-flowering wildflowers, hedgerows and arable crops. It is medium dark in colour with a good depth of flavour and will usually contain nectar from plants such as hawthorn, horse chestnut, brassica and field beans.

Borage Honey – Borage honey is a monofloral honey containing nectar only from the summer-flowering borage plants that are grown on the heavier soils of Essex. It is a very sweet honey with a silky smooth mouthfeel and is very light in both colour and flavour.

Ivy Honey – Our last harvest of the year comes in autumn and is also a monofloral honey foraged from the ivy flowers of South Cambridgeshire. Ivy produces a very distinctive, strong flavoured honey that is one of our personal favourites. The ivy plant has also been used therapeutically in the past and the honey is similarly rumoured to have medicinal properties, particularly for coughs and other respiratory ailments.

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Weight 1 kg
County of Origin

Cambridgeshire, Essex

Floral Source

Borage, Ivy, Polyfloral

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