Complete B.S National 14×12 Wooden Hive (Assembled, Pine) with Frames & Foundation (Flat)


Complete, assembled B.S National 14×12 Wooden Hive with frames and foundation.

Frames and foundation require assembly.

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  • 1 x Roof complete with breather vents and robust galvanised steel cover
  • 1 x B.S National Porter Bee Escape Crown Board with porter bee escapes
  • 1 x Varroa Mesh Floor with wooden inspection drawer and twin setting entrance block
  • 1 x 14 x 12 (Deep/Jumbo) Brood with built in wooden frame runners
  • 2 x Supers with built in wooden frame runners
  • 1 x Galvanised Steel Queen Excluder- 460mm²
  • 11 x National 14 x 12 Hoffman Brood Frames & Pins
  • 11 x BS 14 x 12 (Deep/Jumbo) Brood Wired Foundation Sheets
  • 22 x National SN4 Hoffman Super Frames
  • 22 x BS Shallow (Super) Wired Foundation Sheets

Please Note: frames and foundation require assembly.

Made with quality high density pine. Externally weather treated.

Jointed, screwed and glued for strength and durability.

Collection Orders: Assembled equipment is generally produced to order so please allow a few days for this and contact us before you order to check when it will be ready for collection. If you need an item quickly we may have it in stock so please contact us to find out. For delivery orders of assembled equipment, see our standard delivery times.