Candipolline Gold – 1kg


Candipolline Gold is a complete pollen supplement for feeding bees, providing both protein, in the form of sterilised pollen, and carbohydrates from the sugar fondant the pollen is blended with.

Candipolline Gold is made with real pollen which has been shown to be more readily taken by the bees than pollen substitutes.

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Protein is essential for the health and vigour of honey bees and should be supplied whenever natural sources are limited or the bees are unable to fly due to bad weather, particularly in late winter/early spring to aid with spring build up and in the autumn to provide the protein required for overwintering.

For best results, pollen supplements should be placed as close to the brood nest as possible. Simply split the pouch and place on top of the brood frames, directly above the brood nest.

One of our multi-function crown boards or ekes makes feeding easy.

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