South Cambridgeshire Ivy Honey





Fantastically delicious raw Cambridgeshire ivy honey harvested from our Beehives in Hauxton South Cambridgeshire in October 2021
Packaged in a 190ml glass honey jar each containing 227g of honey. This Honey is Naturally Set. Ivy honey has a tendency to set very fast and to produce a foam on its surface while it is setting.
This honey was foraged from the ivy (Hedera helix) plants of South Cambridgeshire

Ivy honey is a dark coloured and strongly flavoured honey that is one of our favourites and something a bit different from our other honeys.

As well as its distinctive flavour, ivy honey is also noted for the medicinal properties it is believed to possess and has been touted as the British alternative to Manuka honey for its purported cough relieving and antimicrobial properties. All our ivy honey is simply coarse filtered and entirely raw and unprocessed so any potentially beneficial pollen and enzymes are retained in the honey.

Ivy honey has a tendency to set very fast and to produce a foam on its surface while it is setting. This is entirely natural and one sign of a quality, unrefined honey that hasn’t been subjected to the heating and fine filtration used by large commercial packers. If your ivy honey has any foam on the surface (which it almost certainly will do) this can simply be spooned off the surface if desired, although it is perfectly good to eat, or stirred back into the honey which can be brought back to being runny by gently warming it.

Please note that we do not blend our honey and each batch is unique. The colour and flavour may therefore vary from batch to batch and any photographs are for illustration purposes only. If there is a jar that you have particularly enjoyed please make a note of the Lot Number and we may be able to supply the same one again


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Weight 0.45 kg
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227g (1/2lb) Jar, 340g


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