Beeswax Melts x 5


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5 wax melts hand poured with 100% pure beeswax

This wax melt is unscented; therefore, it is purely organic beeswax burning off the faint sweet and natural smell of honey whilst allowing you to seek all of the true benefits of what our precious bees create for us.

Beeswax is a natural wax and it burns much longer than all of the other waxes. It is also a natural ioniser as well as harmonises and balances the human spirit.

These small Melts are 1cm by 3.5cm wide and weigh approximately 14g

Benefits of Beeswax:

• Beeswax produces negative ions when burned, and those ions help to neutralise pollutants in the air

• Helps eliminate dust, odours, mold, bacteria and other pollutants in the atmosphere

• Research suggests pure beeswax is often especially helpful for those with asthma symptoms or allergies as it improves breathing for anyone nearby

• Beeswax candles emit a bright, healthful light within the same spectrum as the sun

• Beeswax burns longer and brighter

• 100% natural – chemical free

• Invigorates the body whilst creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere



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