English Bee Bread


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Our English Bee Bread was produced and harvested in the city of Cambridge and comes packaged in biodegradable food grade packets.

Bee Bread (also known as ‘perga’) is the name given to the pollen collected, stored and eaten by bees.

Bee pollen is remarkably nutritious and contains nearly all of the amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that bees, and human beings, need. But bees have found a way to significantly increase the benefits of this already incredible foodstuff and do not eat their pollen fresh. Instead they turn it into bee bread by storing it in empty honeycomb cells, mixing it with nectar and sealing the cell with honey. The pollen is then left by the bees to ferment in the cell which has two important effects: first it makes the pollen stable and prevents it from going off and secondly it renders the nutrients in the pollen more bioavailable and ready for absorption and use by the body once consumed. Proteins and carbohydrates in the pollen are broken down into amino acids and simple sugars that the body can use more readily and the vitamins contained in the pollen become easier for the body to utilise.

And these effects are as beneficial for people as they are for bees! But although it is an excellent food for health, bee bread should not just be thought of as a health food and can be used as a delicious and interesting ingredient in its own right, with its sweet taste from the honey component and nutty flavour from the pollen.

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