Our range of modern meads are made exclusively with our local honeys to carefully balanced recipes which bring their floral flavours to the fore.

Keep a look out too for limited editions and special ferments as they are available

~ 13% ABV~

Our take on a traditional mead is a well-rounded sweet mead made exclusively with Cambridgeshire spring honey. Named after the Roman goddess of flowers and springtime, Flora brings the blossom notes of the spring honey to the fore and ends with a deep honey finish. A delicately balanced sweetness makes this mead very smooth to drink and, like its namesake, deceptively strong.

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~ 5.5% ABV ~

Our light mead is a semi-sweet and refreshingly floral modern honey wine. Made exclusively with Cambridgeshire spring honey, Pasque takes its name from the county flower of Cambridgeshire, the pasqueflower, which blossoms in the spring when the honey for this mead is gathered by our bees from the chalk grasslands where the pasqueflower is sadly now as rare as meads as exceptional as this one.

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~ 9% ABV ~

A semi-dry, mid strength mead made exclusively with honey harvested in North Essex from the borage flower, Borago officinalis. The honey produced from borage nectar is light and floral, characteristics perfectly demonstrated by our own Borago in this crisp and invigorating honey wine.

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